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Leather continues to be seen on catwalks season after season and I just love the black leather skirt in this video. It is one of those versatile pieces that suits so many body shapes and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.  Oh and did I mention the fabulous felt fedora and on trend burgundy blouse as well!  I really want one of each for my wardrobe!

It was so much fun working with the two Sarah’s (Sarah Hutson, SFH Designs and Sarah Robinson, The Video Box), my models Cara Gilligan and Gabrielle Witenden and of course my talented hair and makeup artist Keeley-Shae that made everyone look and feel even more beautiful!!

Boutique: SFH Designs facebook:SFH Designs, Instagram: @SFH_DESIGNS,

Videographer: Sarah Robinson

Hair and Makeup:  Keeley Shae Facebook: Keeley-Shae – Makeup Artist, Instagram @keeleyshaemua

Video Transcript: Leather Skirt |SFH Designs | Ma Belle Allure

Leather continues to be seen on catwalks season after season and I just love it.  I have chosen a more affordable black leather-look skirt from SFH Designs in Brisbane to show you how to style this trend for your body shape.  For the inverted triangle I have teamed the leather skirt with a burgundy blouse.  Burgundy is a big colour trend for 2016 Autumn/Winter.  The deep cross over in the front of this blouse draws the eye away from your broad shoulders down towards your slim waist. This blouse has elastic around the front and is longer at back. Tuck it in at the front to emphasis your small waist and leave it long at the back.  The shape of the top gives the inverted triangle curves and creates a sophisticated yet sexy look.  I have teamed it with oversized gold hoop earring and a sequined black clutch once again with gold embellishments. This picks up the gold in the earrings.  A gorgeous black heel or an ankle boot, both look great with this style.  A high-end fashion trend this Autumn/Winter is the wide brim felt fedora hat.  This hat looks stunning with the leather and burgundy and gives the inverted triangle more of an hourglass shape.  Just stunning!

The deep cross over style of this burgundy blouse isn’t flattering if you have a larger bust.  It can make you look top-heavy because the v stops at your bust line.  Instead try teaming your leather skirt with a black semi fitted shell top in the same colour as the skirt.  By dressing in the one colour it creates a flattering, unbroken silhouette which shows off your curves.  I have added large gold and red, heart earrings and layered several red necklaces, bringing in colour without making the look top-heavy.  The eye follows the longer line of the necklace down toward your slim waist.  A simple black heel added to this look creates the perfect look the office.  Add a strappy sandal for an evening look.  A glamourous clutch with gold embellishments teams beautifully with the earrings.  And finally the addition of the fabulous felt Fedora and this look can take you anywhere.  

Who would have thought creating these beautiful looks could be so easy.  I hope I have inspired you to create your own beautiful look.