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All that Glitters is Sequins, Beads and Bling!! | MA BELLE ALLURE | Florence and Marabel

You can look fabulous in sequins, beading and bling.  With a few styling tips you can rock this fashion trend regardless of your body shape and  feel confident stepping out in a bit of bling in the evening or during the day.

Thanks to:
Boutique: Florence and Marabel @florenceandmarabel #florenceandmarabel
Videographer: Sarah Robinson
Hair and Makeup: @keeleyshaemua, Facebook keeley-shae gilligan
Models: Cara Gilligan, Gabrielle Witenden
Stylist: Ma Belle Allure

Video Transcript:
Bling | Ma Belle Allure | Florence and Marabel

Hello, I’m Simone Parker from Ma Belle Allure. Thanks for dropping by. For this series of styling videos, I am very excited to have collaborated with Toowoomba boutique, Florence and Marabel to show you one of the latest fashion trends – sequins and all types of glittery embellishments.

In years gone by, sequins would mainly be seen on evening or bridal wear but now it is acceptable to show daywear glitz and create a very modern look.

To achieve a modern day wear look, team your glitz with denim, and even sneakers. The addition of this great split, eyelet skirt, a white denim jacket and these fabulous rose gold earrings makes a statement. For the final touch choose a great pair of sunglasses that suit your face shape. Even though you are wearing sneakers, you don’t have to limit this look to daylight hours. Sneakers are so on-trend but also so comfortable that it’s totally acceptable to wear sneakers in the evening. For more of a traditional evening look I have teamed this gorgeous sequin cami with the same fabulous split eyelet skirt. An elegant heel with rose gold embellishments matches seamlessly with these fabulous rose gold earrings. So with a can see that by changing your accessories you can easily transition sequins from evening to modern day wear.

Love this look – a denim jacket and sunglasses makes Bling relaxed and casual

Another look you can try if you’re not comfortable with so much glitz is teaming this great embellished blouse with a similar tone skirt. The embellishments on this blouse are feminine but not overwhelming and the lower neckline flatters most bust sizes. Wearing the same tone creates a long line silhouette. Some fabulous gold and silver jewellery adds elegance to this look. The addition of a heel makes you appear taller and lengthens your leg. If you have a bit of a tummy, the soft flowing fabric of this blouse worn out will help camouflage this area. You can also team this look with a longer jacket to create long lean vertical lines. A jacket like this can hide a lot. Make sure that the jacket fits the shoulder perfectly and is the correct length for your height – a petite body can look shorter if the jacket is too long.

Just add a touch of Bling if you don’t want too much sparkle

We have created a number of looks with a couple of fashion items that can be worn for both day and evening.