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60 Second Makeover – Over 50’s Glamour | Ma Belle Allure

Fifties is the New Forties

ONCE upon a time, hitting the big 50 was seen as the first step to retirement.  Now, we are looking more and more youthful, as we are able to take advantage of better finances, better health and plenty of energy, to make 50 the new 40.

And here’s the proof with the gorgeous Robyn Davis.  I met Robyn through a mutual friend and was instantly taken by her friendly personality, beautiful spirit and her amazing presence.  As attractive as Robyn, beauty is more than just physical looks. It is confidence, compassion, positivity, love and nurturing – of yourself and of others and that’s what attracted me to Robyn.

So what makes your 50’s more exciting is that our earlier years are often spent paying off our mortgage, raising kids, balancing family life and career.  By 50, our children are often older and less reliant on us, so make the most of this new freedom and do things just for you!

And that’s just what happened with Robyn.  We did an amazing 60 second makeover on her and she looks amazing.

Isn’t Robyn just stunning!


Makeup done just hair and amazing Australian designed outfits to go.


I styled Robyn in a gorgeous Romance lace dress in royal blue.


When you think you are off camera and then you look at the proofs and there you are!!!