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I’m Simone Parker. I transform the way people feel about themselves. I help them realise that we are all beautiful, and beauty is more than just physical looks. It is confidence, compassion, positivity, love and nurturing – of yourself and of others. My motivation for creating Ma Belle Allure was to help people become the best version of themselves that they can be. I help them find “their own” beautiful look.

So what’s it all about? I’ll show you that with a little bit of knowledge about dressing for your body shape you have the potential to transform the way you feel about yourself. We seem to put so much pressure on ourselves if we don’t have the bodies of supermodels or athletes. You can look and feel wonderful, regardless of your body shape and size. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful.

My passion is to style women in the latest trends but to style those trends for your body shape. Ma Belle Allure – My Beautiful Look

If you like what we’re doing at Ma Belle Allure, please share it with your friends. I want to spread the word and change people’s perceptions. I want you to feel great about yourself. I want designers to design clothing for all of us, for all shapes and sizes. I want models to be a healthy representation of who we are. I want healthy curvy models to be considered normal, not referred to as PLUS Size. I want everyone to be considered beautiful, whether you are super slim or extra curvy. My mission is my passion. Ma Belle Allure – My Beautiful Look!

If you like what you see, I want you to become involved with Ma Belle Allure – send me the details of a boutique that you love! A boutique that provides great customer service, fabulous clothes and is a business run and owned by great people. I will contact them and get them involved.

If you want to win a chance to be a guest model in one of our upcoming Ma Belle Allure videos, please send some pics to of you “before” and “after” you have been inspired to create your own beautiful look. If you purchased an item from one of the boutiques I have featured and have a photograph of you in that item – even better. I’d love to hear from you!

If there is something that you would like me to feature in a future video, send your suggestion to

I have carefully chosen my wonderful models for their confidence, personality, work ethic and talent. I believe in quality not quantity. They are representatives of Ma Belle Allure but they have also been chosen for their variety of body shapes, sizes and ages. We feel like a family at Ma Belle Allure and this shows through in our end product. If you would like to book a Ma Belle Allure model, a styling consultation or would like to explore a Boutique showcase package, please email


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