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Spring and Early Autumn Fashion Shoot

Spring and Early Autumn Fashion Shoot

When deciding on what to call this series of shoots I thought of a quote by Jane Fonda “A man has every season while a woman only has the right to spring”.⠀

So our favourite Ma Belle Allure model cara_gilligan is in the Spring of her life and while I’m definitely not yet in the Winter of mine, I’m thinking more like early Autumn is the best way to describe my life stage so “Spring and Early Autumn” it is.⠀

I wanted to show women that whether you are moving through the spring, summer, autumn or winter of your life you can wear most of what is on sale regardless of your life stage by just understanding your body shape and having a few clever styling tips and tricks up your sleeve.⠀


Spring and Autumn Fashion Shoot

If you are interested in a one-on-one styling session with me or you would like to attend one of my styling workshops please email me on
A big thank you to palomabrisbane for collaborating with me on this shoot. And of course the gorgeous Cara Gilligan for showing me ‘modelling’ tricks and of course the amazing Sarah from thevideoboxaustralia for taking the pics pasduchas cmeocollective